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Well, I managed to sift through my nine years of solo work and pick out 14 of the most interesting (or, at least, entertaining) for an online compilation. The track listing is a pleasurable listen, and there are a couple songs here that I might like to flesh out later on. Specifically "Shame Shame Shame" and "Your Rome". 

Anyway, maybe you'd listen to it? 
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1. First, the certainty. As you would expect, I have been pushing a demo track around to music friends (within industry and fellow musos as well) and landed a compilation! It's the sixth in a series of compilations documenting Memphis's indie scene over the last 15 or 16 years. I'm flattered and quite blown away!

2. The good maybe? I *may* get to soundtrack a web series for a well-known comic book artist. I grew up with his work and the opportunity is amazing. It's not set in stone and could always be a bust, but I'm an optimist (as much as is possible for me).

Sometimes I do a magnificent job being brave, and sometimes I fall to pieces. 
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I have been very hesitant to post any of my own work here so far, because I ... I don't know. I find all the links and embeds to be overwhelming when that's all there is on a website (I'm looking at you, Facebook) and you already know my unease with the commerce/creative nexus. 

Nexus? Right word? Either way ...


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