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I suppose I put myself there, didn't I?

I've been quiet a couple weeks or more now, huh?  I couldn't tell you where I went. Well, my oldest was here a full week, while the rest of the family was on vacation. Then they got home and I spent a week close to them, THEN we started this week with a holiday. 

(I turned 42 last week, too ... my Douglas Adams year!)

But yeah, so ... I made that compilation of old stuff, I got my new Italo-disco-influenced cut on a compilation (which may even be released on VINYL!) and I may have found a new job. Hopefully, I can say goodbye to unemployment soon. I guess that also means saying goodbye to damn near all of my spare time, but I've got to have a job. People don't pay much for music.
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Bless Sebadoh for getting me through my 20s and a fair amount of my early 30s.

Super excited about playing a gig with John from the Folk Implosion thing. Dare to be Surprised was a great record and came along at a time where I was buying a lot of music and generally enjoying life. Sort of.

I *do* enjoy life now, just ... you can see life for what it is once you reach some point. For everyone it's different, I'm sure, but I hit it at 40. I'm edging up on my "Douglas Adams birthday" which is the 27th of this month. It's June already ... wow.

I have got to fall asleep but can't. My stomach has taken this opportunity to inform me that it requires me to throw something into it. So it goes.


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