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What gets tiring?

I can't talk about making music without feeling like I'm selling it. I know that's a neurosis thing, but still. The fact of the matter is ... I do have to straddle a fence between creativity and commerce pretty much every day. The prostitution of being a performing creative (mostly for the purpose of breaking even, or being able to simply continue without it cutting into the money I have to have for basic living) is maddening.

Yet I never NEVER let the commerce side cause me to compromise the creative decision. I flat out refuse. I will always make what I make ... what I want to make ... and one day, maybe enough someones will want to be a patron of my art that I can expand the possibilities of what I can do.

But yeah, I hate feeling like I have to be on sale 24/7.

Date: 2017-04-13 12:49 am (UTC)
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I could never do what you do - meaning, I am not a sales person at ALL. If I ever create any art it will never make a dollar because I wouldn't be able to promote it, lol. I'm jealous that you can.


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