May. 31st, 2017

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Not sure why I'm capitalizing every word in the title. Oh well. We'll see if anyone even reads it.

I took a new job (they called ME to get me to come work for them), leaving a stable workplace in hopes that I would put myself in a better situation for my family.

Well, the new place fired me after three weeks with little training and very little in the way of positive support.

The last 23 days have been a lot of putting my affairs in order, a lot of looking for jobs, and a lot of being generally overwhelmed. I was productive and empowered for about a week after the firing, then I lost a lot of my oomph.

More later, maybe.
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All the old, seemingly abandoned lives ... what a poetically sad thought. A lot of these people just went on to have different lives. I did too. Sure, I returned to LiveJournal off and on ... posted here and there, then promptly forgot about it.

Now I am spread out, everywhere. Spread thin. Unsure of what to make of my country and my world. There are things I am adamant about. I am adamant about equality, about fair treatment, about kindness. I have not always been that way - a lot of the time I was flippant and careless, and blind. I am blind a lot less now, but I'm human. I know now, though, that I can and should always expect better of myself and others.

But those virtual graves ... don't you wish those people would just rise up again? Do you miss them?
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I'm going to stick to politics of the person. I am no expert at the ins and outs of national politics, but I feel like I have a grip on the politics of being. Things that we've neglected while arguing about party platforms. We fight for the rights of others without fighting FOR them. Not creating love, not SPREADING love, only allows love to atrophy.

My two cents, though.


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